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What pokemon type are you?




Flying type
The noblest and most ambitious type! A highly determined person, you always strive to become the very best you can be and are a high-achiever. You make a great leader and enjoy…

Poison type
The sharpest and most persistent type! A highly stubborn person, you cling on to what you desire and won’t let go. You aren’t afraid to keep asking questions until the truth comes out- and eventually people will always cave into your curious inquiries.
If you were a Pokemon, you would be the kind that is eager to follow the trainer even before you have been caught.
Poison Moves that suit you are Poison Fang, Toxic and Acid Armor.

The boldest and most passionate type! A highly expressive person, you always speak your mind and never feel afraid to just be yourself. Your wild nature makes you stand out from the crowd, and never fails to light up even the darkest of days.
If you were a Pokemon, you would be the loud and proud kind with a very extravagant appearance- perfect for winning the Pokemon contests.
Fire Moves that suit you are Overheat, Fire Blast and Will-o-Wisp.


Psychic type
The wisest and most intelligent type! A highly intellectual person, you enjoy gathering information- catching up on the latest news, researching ancient history, etc. You’re also a wiz with technology and often named a “geek” (and proud of it!)
If you were a Pokemon, you would be the database who aims to learn about the enemy before attacking, gaining knowledge of all their strengths and weaknesses.
Psychic Moves that suit you are Calm Mind, Role Play and Psycho Boost.

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